The Paris Tribune is a Play by Mail game based on the En Garde! rules published in the UK by Small Furry Creatures Press. The rulebook is back in print now and can be ordered from for £10. However the house rule book contains enough information for you to play the game.

En Garde! is based on the France seen in films like the Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask. France is led by the King, has the Cardinal who is meddling in affairs and whilst all this is happening the King's Musketeers are sparing with the Cardinal's Guard. You play a gentleman, well you might not be to start with, trying to survive in Paris. Your aim is to gain the King's ear, the only way to do that is to climb the social ladder, how you climb it is up to you. Many climb on the backs of others, many leap up on their own merit, but most join the army and show their bravery and tactical ability.

If you want to find out what is going on then check out the current issue of The Paris Tribune available in the Document Repository at CGN.