Gambling in a club or elsewhere is not as simple as it may seem as the status gained for not cutting may make up for the loss in money.

Table of Gambling
House  Win %
1      5/6 83.3
2      4/6 66.7
3      3/6 50.0
4      2/6 33.3
5      1/6 16.7
6      0/6  0.0

If one never cuts (assuming an even distribution of house rolls), one has a 41.7% chance of winning, or a loss of 16.7% on your investment. However if one always cuts on a 6 (an obvious money saving option as one has no chance of winning), one wins 50% of the taken bets, and gets a loss of 8.3%. Cutting on a 5 or 6 gives a loss of 5.6%.

Gambling of course is hoping that the rolls will happen to be skewed in your favour, but in the game one also gains status points for gambling. As a cut and a loss are the same for SP purposes, one would on average loose 1.5 status points in a week's round of 9 bets.

The benefits of clubs is the house divisor. SP are gained based on the total amount bet (cuts count less). So assuming the never cut and always betting the club maximum, Red Phillips gives 3 extra SP for a net +1.5 SP gain for the net loss (average) of 75 crowns. Cutting on a 6 gives an average of 2.75 extra SP resulting in +1.25 SP and a loss of 37.5 crowns, and on a 5 or 6, an extra 2.5 SP for a net +1 SP and loss of 25 crowns.

ClubNever CutCut on 6Cut on 5/6
Net SPCrown LossNet SPCrown LossNet SPCrown Loss
Red Phillips+1.575+1.2537.5+125
Frog & Peach+4.5150+475+3.550
Blue Gables+5.25225+4.69112.5+4.12575
Horse Guards+6375+5.375187.5+4.75125
Bothwells 1/2 divisor+3375+2.625187.5+2.25125
Bothwells at divisor+7.5750+6.75375+6250
Bothwells at 2x divisor+16.51500+15750+13.5500
Bothwells at 10x divisor+88.57500+813750+73.52500